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Cantle Saddlebags

Cantle Saddlebags Cantle Saddlebags Cantle Saddlebags
Cantle Saddlebag
Saddlebag for small items behind the cantle of your saddle. Saddlebag measures 6" in diameter by 12" long. Bedroll style round saddlebag with 2 straps, buckles can be either brass or stainless. This saddlebag is made with lightweight saddle skirting leather and therefore is not able to be personalized, yet it still holds the bedroll shape. If you don't have a horse or saddle this handy bag would be GREAT on the front of your bicycle it's lightweight and water resistant. All leather choices available. 99.95
US Cantle Bag
US Cantle Bag
Please call to order.
US Cantle Bag

For reenactment the leather bag shown above has the US tooled on both sides.

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