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CA Hearts Wade Custom Mule Saddle

Wade Custom Mule Saddle

CA Hearts Wade Mule Saddle
Happy hearts Wade mule saddle, Russet USA Wickett & Craig leather. Brass heart conchos, brass stirrups and saddle hardware. Custom handstamped hearts border. This custom saddle has a burgundy bicycle memory foam padded seat and matching bucking rolls. Burgundy latigo strings. Wood Post horn with brass and sterling silver heart horn cap. Saddle horn has a mule hide wrap and oregon cross-over rope strap. Drop plate rigging with easy snap in britchen dees. Hamley twist on 2 1/2" stirrup leathers for rider comfort. All Sharp saddles have REAL thick wool shearling for equine comfort and long wear. This custom saddle has a matching hearts breast plate, britchen, headstall and crupper.

Custom Mule Saddle Detail
Happy Hearts Stamp Detail
Saddle and Matching Tack
Mule Breast Collar
Mule Breast Collar
Stamped hearts 3 piece breast collar. Center piece on our Sharp breast collars are "D" shaped (not round) for long wear. Shown in russet leather and brass hardware to match custom mule saddle.
Mule Headstall
Mule Headstall to match Custom Mule Saddle
Mule Headstall
Mule Headstall to match Custom Mule Saddle
Mule Britchen
Mule britchen stamped to match custom saddle. 1" straps. Rolled edges for equine comfort. Sharp's custom breeching has no conways for adjustment but handy buckles for ease of operation. All straps are sewn, in addition to heavy rivets for long lasting wear. ALL straps are beveled for animals comfort. Sharp's saddle britchen snaps quickly and easily into dees on the drop plate rigging on our custom saddles.
Sharp's crupper is handy for those days your not out climbing that mountain with your mule! Sharp's cruppers are seed stuffed and strap edges are beveled for animals comfort and well being.
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