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The Dream Collection 5" Butterfly Suncatchers $14.95 each
Butterfly Suncatcher
Sunrise Dream
Pink & Purple Butterfly
Venetian Glass Butterfly
Day Dream
Blue & Green Butterfly
Super-Size Butterfly Suncatchers $14.95 each
Our butterfly suncatchers will brighten any room, measuring approx. 5" diagonally from lower wing tip to upper wing tip! These Butterfly Suncatchers are individually handformed using the classic Venetian glass sculpting technique. Each is unique. Size, shape, and color may vary slightly. Made in the U.S.A. Each butterfly suncatcher has a clear glass loop for hanging. We've seen similar hand blown glass butterflies called Art Glass and Murano Style. Whatever you call them, they're beautful works of art!
What's In A Name?
The first of these butterfly suncatchers we saw reminded us of a breath-taking sunrise. So we went with that theme for our fantasy colored hand blown glass butterflies. Sunrise Dream is a pink and purple butterfly suncatcher, and Daydream is in the bright colors of blue and green.
What's The Difference?
We wondered why Joe's hand blown glass butterflies are called Venetian Glass, but Roberta's hand blown glass hummingbird suncatchers aren't. So we looked it up. According to Wikipedia , "Venetian glass is a type of glass object made in Venice, Italy, primarily on the island of Murano. It is world-renowned for being colourful, elaborate, and skillfully made." Wiki goes on to say that the Venetian Glass, or Murano, style is crafted with rods of colored glass, as opposed to clear glass that is then hand-painted. The Venetian glass art technique dates back to the 13th century! In the USA, we generally call this type of hand blown glass "Venetian Glass," while overseas it's usually called "Murano Style." The term "Murano Glass" is internationally copyrighted by Murano, Venice, so it must be called a glass art style if crafted elsewhere. Our hand blown glass butterflies are made in the USA, so they're Murano Style Venetian Glass.

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